How to make outdoor trail access easier using the power of mobile?

Engena Trails:

  • Mobile Permit Purchases
  • Trails Information
  • User Management

Engena was selected by MTO Forestry because it:

  • Simplifies compliance
  • Enable better trails management
  • Increase income through compliance

Our use of the Engena application aims to facilitate access and control, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and offer MTO a digital database of users, along with their riding habits, on our properties. Our aim is to ensure that riders enjoy the vast network of all of our trails, and we hope to eliminate rogue riding and abuse of our facilities and staff as far as possible.

We are commited to investing in our communties through sport, through access to all of our forestry properties, through sponsorships and social projects being, amongst others, the MTO Champions Races in Kayamandi, MTO Tour de Plett, Origin of Trails and the FNB Wine to Whales events. We strive to offer world class trails to our riders, but this takes “buy in” and support and we are confident that Engena will enable us all to succeed in achieving this.

Trail Users
Our vision is to provide the best digital platform for trail users and owners.

Mobile Payments

  • Permits smartly purchased
  • Saved on mobile
  • No cash risk
  • IOU system / ride now pay later
  • Purchase permit for a friend
  • Purchase any time


  • Single identification board for multiple trails
  • Access multiple trails in one ride
  • Multiple boards available for riders with more than one bike
  • Consistent "check-in" process makes for easy compliance
  • 'Smart check-in' replaces paper permit access

Value Added Features

  • Personalised boards
  • WeChat discounts on all permits
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Checked in rider location
  • Insurance product due soon
  • Trail Stars
  • Checking in using your Mobile

Checking in using your Mobile

Trail Owners
ENGENA is a platform built by a team of technology experts with a passion for the outdoors.

Electronic Permitting and Payment

  • Permits available for purchase 24x7
  • Cashless gate entry options
  • Trail users are identifiable (QR on boards / electronic photo ID)
  • Permits can be verified via trail manager's mobile phone
  • No “check-in” with no permit
  • Non-compliant users monitored and managed across trail networks

Trail Information

  • Searchable trail venues
  • Directions via mobile navigator (Google Maps) to trailheads
  • Facilities available (e.g. mechanic, restaurant, showers)
  • Rider trail habits stored electronically - available for analysis

Enhanced Safety

  • Checked in rider locations instantly available
  • Validated contact information

Reward Compliant Riders

  • Compliancy rewarded with commercial offerings (e.g. vouchers, discounts etc at local shops)

Analytics and Reporting

  • Financial reporting on all permits sold

About Us

We are a team of cycling and tech fundis in the heart of the mountain bike kingdom of South Africa - Stellenbosch - with an intention of making trail access and compliance easy, fun and rewarding.

Our shareholders include riders (all of us), back- and front-end techies, designers, communication experts, pro cyclists and entrepreneurs. If you would like to know who we are, exactly, drop us a line below.

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Our email is info@engena.co.za